What's Wrong with the Blue Jays

What's Wrong With the Blue JaysWhile the Maple Leafs dominate the sporting news in Toronto, the Toronto Blue Jays have quietly opened the season 3-9, their worst start in history, and 0-6 at home. They're just horrible so far, neither hitting nor pitching well at all.

I'm blaming the uniforms. The new logo isn't so bad, it's just those all black uniforms with the silver and blue logo doesn't have enough blue in it. Forever we've had uniforms that were dominated by blue and white with some good ol' Canadian red thrown in for good measure. Now we're trying to look like the awful Tampa Bay Devil Rays with our black on black motif. It's obviously not working.

Call me a sucker for nostalgia, but I'd like to see a return to the retro logo of old I grew up adoring. Bring back that sharp looking Blue Jay with the red Maple Leaf hovering around his ear. Bring back the uniform that had Joe Carter leaping for joy in '93. Do something...anything...please!

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