What's Up With the Weather?

What's Up With the Weather?I was out and about this morning at around 07:00 and it was damn cold. I could see my breath. The weather report claimed it was -3 degrees Celsius. -3 and we're almost in May. That stinks.

Right after I learned it was cold enough to snow I heard we're expecting it to be 24 degrees Celsius tomorrow. Toronto weather can be crazy at this time of the year. Over a period of one day we're going to go from -3 to 24. That's a range of 27 degrees. Unbelievable.

I think sub zero temperatures at this time of the year bother me more than the average Joe because I stubbornly put my jacket away after a warm day four weeks ago and I refuse to take it out of the closet again until October. Once I decided it was time to abandon the jacket nothing could get me to reverse my decision. It could be a blizzardly -30 day next week and I'll be the guy shovelling his walk in only a sweater. What's wrong with me? Wait, don't answer that question.

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