Roll Call

Roll CallWhen it comes to sleeping, James is a champ. Like clockwork, every evening at 20:25 he brushes his teeth and heads to bed. Before Mommy and Daddy kiss him goodnight, there's only one more thing that needs to be done before James drifts away for the night. That's roll call.

These days, there must be three items lined up on his pillow before he'll catch some zzzzz's. He must have his little Winnie the Pooh bear, his stuffed chicken and Dizzy, the cement mixer from Bob the Builder fame. If Pooh, chicken and Dizzy are all present, James is out like a light in no time flat and we don't hear from him again until the morning.

Like I said, when it comes to sleeping, this kid is a champ. So long as Pooh, chicken and Dizzy are there.

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