Out of Gas

Out of GasYesterday I passed not one, but two gentlemen walking along the side of the road with a portable gasoline container. Clear, they had each run out of gas and had to walk to a gas station to buy enough fuel to get their respective cars going again. They weren't going to the same car as they were a couple of blocks away from each other walking in opposite directions.

I've been driving for about thirteen years now, and I've owned four different cars throughout this period, but not once have I actually run out of gas. You see, each car had this handy gage that actually tells you how much gas you have left in the tank. You can pretty well tell how far you can go once the the gage hits empty. I'd understand this happening perhaps in the middle of nowhere on a long highway stretch where there are no open gas stations, but the two guys I passed yesterday who had both run out of gas did so in a part of the GTA where there's literally a gas station every 3 blocks.

Was the fuel gage broken on both cars? Were these guys having a contest as to who could go furthest left of the "E" a'la Kramer? Were these just a couple of dull knives that needed to go back in the drawer?

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