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I would have thought Tigertown would take out 69*. I remember your love for that boy, who believed he needed to be there in the ballpark for his team to win. I fondly remember his trek to try to make the big game when everything was seemingly disallowing his presence there.

But the other four are my top four as well. I love baseball movies!! I may love baseball movies more than I love baseball. (George Bell would spin in his grave if he heard me say that...) Wait.. he's not dead. I just imagined that with all the smokes he was having while telling the media to "screw themselves" he would be.



As a kid, I loved "Tiger Town". That kid was living my dream. He had seasons tickets to Tiger Stadium and attended every game to send Billy Young those positive vibes. I was so envious. I wanted seasons tickets to Exhibition Statium so I could send those vibes to George Bell.

In the end, Tiger Town lost the #5 position to 61* because Tiger Town is only good if you're under the age of 13. If we were to watch it today we'd laugh out loud at the cheesy Disney made-for-tv, Natural rip-off quality of it all. 10 year old Mike felt Tiger Town was worthy of an Academy Award and little Justin Henry's performance as the kid who had faith worthy of a Best Actor nomination. 10 year old Mike was a dumb ass.

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