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Guest Blog SubmissionAnyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to I received the following submission late last night.

It hurt so much to watch that performence in game one.... like so many other fans I felt sick when the ref put his hand up to call McCabe for the slashing call. I really want to look forward to the playoffs, and saturday will be very telling to whether I will. The refs called too many penalties, but the Leafs better recognize this trend that is spread across all eight series and smarten up!!! Tucker isn't even playing and we take these dumb penalties.... It's baffling.

On another note... I am so sick of these home makeover shows. They are being duplicated with similar names. Not only home makeover, but home organization, makeovers to make ugly people less ugly through the power of science, finding love on television. Watching people date. I'm done with it. Television is awful as it is without those shows on. I used to look so forward to May Sweeps and I feel nothing this season.

Negativity sweeps over me after a game one loss. Sniff....


I have successfully avoided all home makeover shows. I know they exist, but only through osmosis. Trading Places, Trading Spaces...they're all merely a rumour to me. Screw May means nothing on the only network that matters. In Canada, we're forbidden by law to subscribe to HBO, but TMN buys most of the best HBO shows. Sunday nights have become a glorious oasis of quality television in our home. After The Simpsons it's not long before The Sopranos and Deadwood. Both are just awesome. We've just come off another brilliant season of Curb Your Enthusiasm and soon we'll be blessed with another season of Six Feet Under. Remember the prophetic words of Bruce Springsteen. "57 channels and nothin' on."

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