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The Whole World is Going Crazy!

I just read the headlines in today's news - "American Missile Attack on Fallujah Mosque Kills Dozens". My first reaction was - "Stupid could they be so foolish and insensitive as to bomb a mosque!!!" As I read further into the article, it revealed that the American soldiers were retaliating against known sniper positions, hunkered down inside the mosque and the neighbouring Muslim cemetery. My thoughts then raced to - "Stupid Sunni insurgents (I'm not sure what to call them anymore...the article referred to them as such.) could they be so foolish and insensitive as to use their own hallowed-ground as a battlefield!!!"

What is this world coming to? I have given up taking sides or trying to understand the logic of "American Democratization" and "Islamic Jihad".

Shame on all those who kill in the name of their God!


I agree 100%. I thought we finished the Crusades in the Middle Ages. Thousands and thousands of people were slaughtered in the name of religion during this dark period in the history of our world. It seems we, as a society, have not lived and learned from the errors of our ways. It's tragic that our sons and daughters are murdered for this senseless purpose.

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