Found Ring

Found RingAbout four weeks ago, we lost Taryn's wedding ring. She had taken it off for one reason or another and it disappeared. Had James picked it up and deposited it in parts unknown? Had Booner played a role in the shenanigans? We searched and searched for two days straight but couldn't come up with her ring.

This seriously bummed me out. I remember very clearly that afternoon of January 4th, 1996 when I shelled out a total of $189.75 at a little jewelry shop in the basement of the Eaton Centre for two wedding rings. $189.75 seemed like an awful lot of money back then for a couple of university students slugging away at part-time jobs. I was working as a grocery clerk at the Food City in the Galleria Mall. It took a while to make $189.75.

Yesterday, well after we had given up the search, I was doing some work in the furnace room in our basement when I caught something in the corner of my eye. Just under the door was Taryn's ring. How it got there, I'll never know, I'm just happy I found it.

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