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Dave MatthewsThey're advertising a Dave Matthews concert on the radio. I'm told Dave Matthews is extremely popular with a devout fanbase who follow him on the road in much the same manner Dead Heads followed The Grateful Dead. I just don't get it.

First and foremost, I can't stand Dave Matthew's voice. It doesn't appeal to me in the least. Whenever a Dave Matthews song comes on the radio, I turn the station. His popularity astounds me.

Many moons ago, in the days when I would purchase CDs with my hard earned money, I bought a compilation entitled "MTV's Buzz Bin". It had some tracks I wanted from White Zombie, Radiohead, Filter and Danzig. It also had "What Would You Say" by the Dave Matthews Band. It wasn't a bad tune, but it seemed so regular to me. I was completely indifferent to it. I've yet to hear a song by Dave Matthews that I've liked as much and that's why I'm so surprised by his popularity. Am I missing something?

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DMB Lover

I think your opinion of Dave Matthews is not un-common 2 cents... I just recently got into the Dave Matthews Band and fell hard for them... I bought the Live at Central Park (Sept 03) and, like yourself had a real hard time with Dave's voice... My wife hates his voice... the only thing is that it grew on me... the whole gig grew on me... Dave M. is more about the band he plays in, the jams they do (they've been compared to the Grateful Dead), the ability to identify with the fanbase (which is huge - they have the largest following in North America for touring bands) and Dave's lyrics (which are extremely insightful, political, spiritual, fun, romantic - the list goes on). If you really want to give the DMB a fair chance please watch the Central Park DVD... make sure you watch from start to finish (there's some really cool surprises towards the end... and the concert is such a progressive arrangement of music)... if after seeing this and giving it a try you still don't like the DMB (like my wife), at least you'll know you aren't alone... and you'll know why (cause you gave it a chance)... Hope this helps... have a great day!

September 6, 2007 @ 11:59 AM

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