TrippingI've been feeling under the weather the past couple of days. Along with a sore throat I've been rather feverish.

Last night I was crashed out in bed when I was joined by James who wanted to watch Treehouse with Daddy. Daddy was in no mood for Treehouse, so I channel surfed in search of a show we'd both enjoy. That's when I discovered a favourite show from my youth playing on the Christian station of all places. At 7:00 last night, we watched The Muppet Show.

I don't know if it was the fever or what, but I never realized how trippy that show was. One segment in particular blew my mind. It's almost impossible to describe, but there's a smokey planet with a freaky looking alien muppet repeating a phrase over and over again while another muppet kept popping up to sing "You Are My Sunshine". I was enthralled, as was James. Other bits with Ralph on piano, the Muppet doctors exchanging barbs and Fozzie getting tips from special guest star Phyllis Diller also reminded me how great this show was. The Muppet Show was trippy, only I was too young to realize it.

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