The Family Circus

Family CircusBil Keane's The Family Circus has graced the comic pages of the newspaper for as long as I can remember. Because the format is usually a circle with a single line "joke" and it's always there in the top left corner, I usually read it. If nothing else, The Family Circus requires the least effort to actually read.

I have never found a single Family Circus comic strip to be even the slightest bit humourous. It's just not funny. Not even a little cute or enjoyable. They're awful.

I often wonder who is reading The Family Circus and busting a gut. Who has a better day because of what PJ or Billy said or did? These people must be out there because this comic strip has survived for decades.

One good thing about The Family Circus is that their wholesome goodness makes them a tremendous target for parody. Check this and this and this out. Now that's funny.

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