TelefileWhen I file my tax return, I use a service called Telefile. With Telefile I call 1.800.959.1110 and enter my tax information using my telephone keypad. It's far easier than it sounds as they only ask you a limited number of questions because they can fill in a number of the fields on their own. I've been using Telefile for years and I use it over Netfile because with Netfile you require software that will cost you a minimum $20. Telefile costs me nothing.

Now that I've praised Telefile, I have a brief story to share. Yesterday, I called the Telefile number and entered all my information. The final step is basically agreeing to a statement that what you entered is accurate. When I got to this final step, the recorded voice told me Telefile was experiencing technical difficulties and wouldn't save my data. I was told I'd need to try again later or submit it another way.

I just tried it again and the voice told me I had already submitted my 2003 tax return. It turns out that nice recorded voice on Telefile lied to me yesterday when he told me about the technical difficulties and the fact my return could not be accepted.

Otherwise, it works great.

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