My Entire MP3 Collection

My Entire MP3 CollectionBack in December, I wrote at great lengths about my digitalization project. You can refresh your memory here, here, here and here. Essentially, I ripped every CD I could ever envision myself listening to again into MP3 format and I store these digital files on my home computer. This is definitely one of the smartest things I've ever done.

Because I used Audiograbber to rip my discs, I was able to download a utility that converts the record of discs I've ripped into HTML pages. I tried this today and you can view the results.

Now that's cool. A table containing every CD I've got ripped to MP3 and drill down capabilities to view the song listing for each of them. It's nearly perfect. I say nearly perfect because there are a couple of wrinkles. Because this web page derives all of it's details from the data for each disc that I download from a man-made database, "The Offspring" may be listed as simply "Offspring" for one CD. Same for The Tragically Hip and other bands that start with "The". This somewhat lessens the value of having everything alphabetized by the artist's name. Also, I've noticed at least two discs are missing completely. My Alice Cooper's Greatest Hits and The White Stripes' Elephant CDs don't appear at all for some reason. Otherwise, I love it and it was easy like Sunday morning...or Saturday morning as the case may be.

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