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New VideosThroughout his two years of life, I've posted dozens of videos of James in Videos. The usual suspects give each video a viewing and occassionally one will receive a number of repeat visits. A video I posted on February 1st, however, takes the cake.

"James makes animal noises" has now been viewed more than all other videos combined. It is by far the most popular video ever posted on this site. Ryan wrote a guest blog about this video a few weeks ago and I received the following in my inbox just yesterday.

I just can't get enough of that kid and his animal sounds. It is so funny. Don't ever delete it, as it is so therapeutic. What a little performer!

Meow Meow

     Kat or Grandma H

I will do my best to keep "James makes animal noises" available on this site for all of eternity. The world needs laughter.

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