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Guest Blog SubmissionAnyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to I received the following submission earlier today.

Tomorrow at 2 pm I will almost certainly find out the sex of the twins that Kara and i are soon to have. I found myself getting more nervous every day that passed. I imagined it was because I was hoping for a boy and a girl in one shot. I think it would be amazing to have one of each and get to experience two miracles, so similar.. and yet... so different.

Then I began thinking that we were having two boys, as Kara feels that is probably the case, and often women know these things and can feel them. Two boys would be awesome. I'd help one to become an NHL player, and the other to rock the mic in front of 50,000 at Molson Park.

Of course, we could always have two girls. Two girls would be great for so many reasons... and then I begin to see a little more clearly as to why I am getting so nervous about the next ultrasound tomorrow....

Whether it be one of each, two boys or two girls, as long as there are two humans that are healthy growing in Kara's Belly, I'm going to have a smile on my face remeniscent of Borchevsky's game winning goal against Detroit in game seven.

I want 4 arms and 4 legs, 20 fingers and 20 toes, two smiles and four eyes, a couple of noses and I'll leave the genetelia up to fate.

This ride is confusing, I am figuring things out as I go along, but it keeps life interesting, and I have yet to begin!!!


Don't forget to write a Guest Blog as soon as you get home from tomorrow's ultrasound so you can announce the winning combination to the world. People will be checking back here tomorrow afternoon to find out the results.

You're right, if they're healthy, it's all good. Besides, that Molson Park dream wasn't going to be possible anyways...they're developing the site for a commercial venture.

Speaking of Nikolai Borschevsky, guess where I'll be tonight? That's right, the ACC to watch our beloved Maple Leafs. Go Leafs Go!

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