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What was the name for the Power Plant Softball team with the ringers. Thanks.


The Simpsons episode you're referring to is Homer at the Bat, a gem from season three. The team Mr. Burns assembled with the ringers was the company softball team. I don't believe they had a nick name but were simply known as the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant team. If I'm wrong, I hope someone corrects me. Perhaps I'll pop the DVD in tonight to verify this.

Springfield is home to a minor league team. Perhaps this is the name you're looking for. Their team is called the Springfield Isotopes.

I'm glad you brought up "Homer at the Bat". In real life, many members of this All-Star team also suffered bizarre incidents which hampered their effectiveness after the 1992 season. Here are the ringers for the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant Team and how they were cursed.

P Roger Clemens Hypnosis convinces him he's a chicken Actually, Clemens had some great years after 1992.
C Mike Scoscia Radiation poisoning from plant accident Injured, missed all of '93 season. Retired.
1B Don Mattingly Kicked off team for refusing to cut sideburns Numerous injuries, decline in power
2B Steve Sax Arrested on suspicion by Springfield Police Dept. Lost job, became .230-hitting role player
SS Ozzie Smith Enters Springfield Mystery Spot and disappears Slow decline in fielding skills
3B Wade Boggs Beaten up by Barney in Moe's Tavern brawl Average fell to .259. Signed with Yankees
LF Jose Canseco Busy rescuing furniture from burning house Arm & back injuries curtail career. Drugs, violence, disgrace
CF Ken Griffey Jr Mr Burns' nerve tonic causes gigantism Injuries, injuries, injuries
RF Darryl Strawberry Pinch-hit for by Homer Simpson Drugs, alcohol, guns, disgrace

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