8-TracksAs I write this, I'm listening to an 8-Track player. That's right, the guy with the MP3 collection is listening to Stevie Wonder's Innervisions and Styx' Equinox on 8-Track.

This was one format I completely missed. As a child, I owned a few records but the main format I collected was the cassette tape until CDs came into vogue in the late 80s. 8-Track's had already come and gone. It looked as if I was never going to experience this antiquated technology until it came up in a conversation with some colleagues last week. A friend of mind ended up lending me his dusty 'ol 8-Track player and couple of tapes so I could hear what I've missed.

Half way through Stevie Wonder's "Living Just Enough For The City" the volume began to drop as if the song had concluded. Then, a few seconds later, there was a rather loud clicking sound coming from the player before the volume began to rise again and the song resumed. To my readers who also missed the brief period of 8-Tracks, you read that correctly. Smack dab in the middle of a song everything may come to an abrupt end while the tape switches tracks. No wonder the 8-Track era was so brief. It turns out I didn't miss a thing.

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Eric (pas chic chic)

8 Tracks are quite interesting. I remembered them from when I was a child but now I own a 1973 dodge and can now indulge in the pleasures of 8 track technology (and styx as well).

If interested:

Making Sense of 8 Tracks

November 12, 2008 @ 8:24 PM

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