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The VaultEvery so often I delve into the vault to see what's there. Perhaps it's an autograph, photo or T-ball crest. Today, a friend of mine let me read a publication from his vault. This publication is called "The Salute: The Canadian Militia Journal" and this issue is dated November 1938.

Reading the articles in this publication is fascinating. Remember, we're talking 1938...just prior to the start of World War II. I scanned a page so you can read for yourself. "There are many in Canada talking and criticizing the actions of Mr. Chamberlain and his Munich agreement when they have, by Canada's lack of action during the crisis, not earned that right".

The advertisements from this almost 70 year old magazine are also rather entertaining. I couldn't resist sharing this old Molson ad and this one for scotch which suggests we should fight if for no other reason than to ensure we always have access to good booze. How Canadian of us.

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