SwearsAs I wrote back in November, I've successfully managed to eliminate my use of swear words around James. James is at an age where he emulates and therefore mimics his Mommy and daddy and I don't want him dropping the f-bomb at the park, in the mall or in front of grandma.

Having said that, I have no problem listening to music that contains curse words while in his presence. One glance at the playlist of the mix I made yesterday for us to headbang to will tell you that. A number of those tracks contain language I would never use in front of him. I know my son, and at this time he's not hearing the lyrics being screaming into the mic. He hears there is music and he'll enjoy the beat but he hasn't a clue what's being said and he'd never be able to mimic them. In time, this will change, and in time I'm sure I'll be somewhat censoring the tunes he listens to. "Killing in the Name Of" can be replaced by "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and "Bad Habit" can be put aside for "Even Flow". For now, no worries.

For the record, I in no way believe James hearing swears will in any way corrupt him. Bad words are not what create disrespectful citizens, murderers, thugs and theives. It's colourful language, but it's just language. In the songs I listen to that use them, this language is used passionately to express a level of frustration and/or anger. It's not used to glorify crime, rape or murder. The message is more of an issue to me than the language used to transmit it.

I don't want James to hear daddy drop the f-bomb but if the movie we're watching does, I don't worry about it. James we'll be fine. We'll make sure of that.

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