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Guest Blog SubmissionAnyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to I received the following submission earlier today.

I am the mother of two boys who are about to have children this August. It will be Michael's second child and Ryan will for the first time give birth to not one but two beautiful gifts from God. How lucky he is; how lucky my two sons are. Michael can already attest to the kind of love he has felt in the last two years of raising James but now Ryan gets to engulf this amazing love. I know all my sons will be great fathers. I haven't a doubt about that. The sacrifices and selflessness of parenting is something no one can prepare you for but something I know all my children will accept readily. Although it is the biggest endeavour one can take on Michael has already experienced fatherhood in the greatest way one could. He has become the most giving and most patient of fathers. Ryan has had years of bacheloring and he too is ready for this new venture in life. Thank you both for these gifts which will embellish our family and although we are already a very close family unit I cannot help but think our new additions will make us that much closer. Uncle Steve is looking forward to being involved in the babies' lives as well. While Stephen and I were discussing the amazement of this coming August he said "its all good Mom."


Amen to that.

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