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Re: Valentine's Day

Yes it's mostly about money. Card and candy/chocolate companies, florists and restaurants, just to name a few, jack up the prices and can't wait to cash in on the deal. They can probably hear the cash registers ringing from their head office. But like other holidays, such as Mother's Day, I think it's good to have the reminder to let our loved ones know just how much we appreciate them. All too often we're too busy in our daily lives that we forget. Holidays are like those cards that say, "I know I don't always say it, but-". They give us the opportunity to pause and be thankful for everything we have and do what we do on those days all year round. And considering all the things women do for men, WE DESERVE IT! Having to do something special one day out of the year is getting off easy. My advice to men, not just on Valentine's Day, but everyday, is to do the things you used to do that helped you woo her in the first place.


I'm really starting to dislike Valentine's Day. All that just seems so damn contrived. This year I just want to enjoy a nice relaxing evening with My wife at a restaurant that serves great ribs. Anyone want to babysit?

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