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Guest Blog SubmissionAnyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to I received the following submission earlier today.

I would like to argue that a half-time is probably not suitable for young children at the best of times. I have seen a few Super Bowl half-times and can actually say that whether a breast was revealed or not the sexual content was quite explicit. The Super Bowl is designed to attract male audiences who want a certain amount of spice and would be interested in nothing less. Therefore I would argue that Janet Jackson's breast is certainly not the only thing that might not be appropriate for a young child to see during half-time. The commercials are quite explicit as are the outfits of most performers. Sex sells and this is very much a central focus when lining up these performances. I also recall hearing quite the colourful language from the players themselves during the game.


This discussion goes back to Vanessa's Guest Blog Entry about my entry about the harmlessness of a little boob flash.

Yes, sex sells. It always has and it always will. They sell shampoo with sex, soda with sex and gum with sex. Every other video getting heavy rotation on MuchMusic or MTV is drenched in sex. The Super Bowl half-time show was no different.

It seems everything is offensive to someone. I just read about all the outrage being directed at Kid Rock for his half-time performance. The Veterans of Foreign Wars don't like the fact the poncho Kid Rock wore was made by cutting a slit in an American flag. They want to know why the media isn't making a bigger deal out of this "extremely disrespectful" act.

Will it never end? Next year they should just show dogs doing tricks like I once saw at the ACC during half-time of a Raptors game. Of course, that will just piss off PETA.

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