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RE: Your "Boobies" Blog

I think the issue here is the appropriateness of Janet Jackson's breast exposure considering the fact that the Superbowl has a wide audience that includes children. Nudity on television is not uncommon, but there is usually a warning at the beginning of programs that contain nudity. It should be a person's own choice as to whether they or their children view such programs.

There is nothing wrong with nudity in general, but there is an appropriate time and place for it, especially when it is sexualized, and the Superbowl is not one of them.


Ok, as I wrote yesterday, I'll be the first to say the Super Bowl half-time show probably isn't an appropriate venue for such a stunt. It's prime-time, there are millions of children watching and the last thing a parent expects is the exposure of a woman's breast. That being said, it was just a boob. I'm still flabbergasted at the outcry this has received. Justin and Janet were naughty and they should promise never to do that again but we as a society are grossly overreacting. How uptight can you get?

In Europe, this would have hardly raised an eyebrow. We go to such lengths to hide even the slightest bit of nudity that we're forcing it underground into something very dirty and wrong and I'm not sure that's a very healthy attitude. In the end, it was a brief second of a breast with the nipple covered in some freaky ornament and a wide-shot at that. I don't think we needed to make a federal case out of it. Now it is just that.

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