Grammys Recap

GrammysNot bad... I actually watched the whole thing last night and thought it was pretty good. The White Stripes were awesome, the Foo Fighters were great and the tribute to funk was extremely entertaining. I even enjoyed the performances by artists I don't otherwise get a chance to catch like Beyonce and Christina Aguilera. Andre 3000 of Outkast closed with Hey Ya! and it was a fitting end to a fairly good night of music.

Stuff I thought was interesting...I had forgotten how good a performer Prince could be. If he wasn't so damn weird I'll bet he could have produced a great deal more good music...The Warren Zevon tribute was touching but I couldn't help wondering why Johnny Cash's death didn't warrant a similar tribute. The man in black had a far greater influence on those in attendance than Warren Zevon...Justin Timberlake is quite the wussy. CBS told him he had to apologize for this antics from the previous Sunday and he did just that...Yoko Ono must have had to bite the inside of her cheek when she mumbled that it was John and the other three who brought music to the world. She couldn't even mention the "other three" by name...Chris Martin of Coldplay was the only one who even approached a political topic when he openly hoped John Kerry would become the next President of the USA. He's also the only one who praised the life of Johnny Cash while accepting an award...A highlight had to be the mic troubles experienced by Celine Dion. Although she handled it well, it's always fun when something screws up on life television...Staying up for the Grammys enabled me to watch the Raptors claw back against the Warriors before winning it in overtime. Awesome.

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