Broken Smilies

Broken SmiliesAs regular readers know by now, a friend and I run another site called Smells Like Sour. It's essentially a place for us to maintain SLS submissions and manage the songs that qualify for our SLS complilations. If you want to know more about SLS, I'd start with this entry.

I'm on the site all the time to sort submissions into the appropriate categories and peruse the comments to see what people are digging or dissing. For the past while I've been noticing a number of comments followed by expressions like ":lol:", ":blush:", ":twisted:", ":roll:" or ":evil:". Immediately, I assumed the teens had come up with a new cyper-speak language. I've written in the past about how the SLS site has become a cesspool for cyber-kitties and their IM-speak. Still, I was curious as to what this new code meant and how everyone got on the same page without me hearing or reading a word about it, so I posted the question on the Hole - Celebrity Skin page of all places.

It turns out there is no cyber language being used by the kids that reads like ":lol:", ":blush:", ":twisted:", ":roll:" or ":evil:". The SLS site, which was built by Mark using Movable Type, has a feature now that allows someone posting comments to insert smily icons. Only this feature is busted on our site so the smilies are rendered in plain text that reads ":lol:", ":blush:", ":twisted:", ":roll:" or ":evil:".

I was convinced teenagers were using our site to communicate in some code that nobody over the age of 20 could decipher. Too funny.

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