The Thermostat Shuffle

The Thermostat ShuffleIt's become a "thing" Taryn and I do. We've been doing it for eight years now, so we've become rather good at it. It's so rhythmic it's almost like dancing. She gets a turn than I get a turn than she gets another turn and so on and so on. This routine continues all winter long. I'm referring to what I call The Thermostat Shuffle.

Whenever we're both home at the same time, one of us is unhappy with the setting of the thermostat. Taryn turns it up a degree or two and shortly thereafter I turn it back down. When Taryn gets home the first thing she does is increase the room temperature. If I get home after her, one of my first actions is to lower the heat. We've got this down to a fine art. It's sort of romantic, really. The Thermostat Shuffle has become a dependable event in an ever-changing world.

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