Taming the Beast

Taming the BeastEarlier in the week I claimed we created a monster when we launched the Smells Like Sour website seven months ago. I'm pleased to say we've made some significant changes in an attempt to salvage the spirit of SLS on the web.

Henceforth when someone submits a song for SLS consideration, it will first be posted on a separate page and Mark and I will screen the entry to see if it qualifies. There are three reasons why songs don't qualify: they're too old, they've already been submitted or they're simply the completely wrong genre of music. If the song qualifies, we'll move it to the home page. If it doesn't qualify, we'll move it to this page.

This won't solve all the problems with our Smells Like Sour webpage, but at least it preserves the integrity of the home page. No more J.Lo, no more Fat Joe and no more Avril Lavigne.

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