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Super Bowl CommercialsEvery year a big deal is made about the commercials that debut during the Super Bowl telecast. It's when companies spare no expense to make the biggest bang in front of televisions largest audience. Every year we hear this hype in Canada and miss out on all the fun.

You see, in Canada, the broadcast rights are purchased from CBS by CanWest Global Communications Corp. who air it on Global TV. In order to make a profit on their investment, Global TV sells their commercial time mutually exclusive of CBS. So while CBS is debuting all the really cool commercials that are often more exciting than game, few of them are sold to Global TV. I expect to see promo after promo for Friends/Survivor/Malcolm in the Middle and the rest of the shows bought by Global TV. Commercials will probably be the same ol' boring ones we're used to seeing during episodes of The Simpsons. I can hardly wait.

What ticks me off this year is the fact I'll be missing a 30-second MasterCard ad that is set to premier on CBS during the Super Bowl. The star of the commercial is Homer Simpson himself. The New York Post has a pretty detailed description of the ad if you want to see how MasterCard will use my hero to sell their service.

Thankfully, in this Internet age I don't anticipate waiting long to see Homer's ad or the other entertaining commericals Americans will see during the game. They'll be available online somewhere I'm sure. What an age we live in.

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