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ConfusionI was in Brampton earlier today. Going Southbound on Airport Road, I knew I wanted to turn left on Highway 7, so I set my sights on the sign for Highway 7. When it wasn't where I anticipated it would be, I suddenly remembered Highway 7 was called Queen Street in this particular neck of the GTA. Queen Street would become Highway 7 further East.

I wonder how a tourist or someone not born and raised in Toronto manages to navigate our incredibly confusing street naming system. There are numerous examples of streets that go by one name in one area only to become another name without warning. Luckily I knew Queen Street in Brampton became Highway 7, but if I didn't I'd have been lost.

Try explaining to visitors that the Gardiner Expressway is the Queen Elizabeth Way or the Don Valley Parkway is Highway 404. Need to get on Airport Road? Why, that's Dixon don't ya know. Dupont? It's Annette until Dundas Street West. Looking for Highway 10? At this point we call it Hurontario Street. It's a state of confusion.

If you're visiting the GTA, bring your Perly's. You're going to need it.

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