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SLS SubmissionI've just submitted a song via the Smells Like Sour website for SLS11 consideration.

I submitted "Re-Align" by Godsmack. Godsmack takes a lot of flack for sounding like Alice in Chains, which I think is unfair. Considering Godsmack named themselves after an Alice in Chains song, I don't thing they were going to great lengths to hide the influence. Is it a similar sound? Absolutely, but they're hardly an AIC cover band as some have suggested. I love Alice in Chains and listen to "Dirt" several times a week while I work, so this may explain why me ears enjoy Godsmack so. I dig their sound.

Godsmack has had a few appearances on SLS in the past. "Voodoo" appeared on SLS4, "Awake" appeared on SLS5 and "Straight Out Of Mind" appeared on the recent SLS10.

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