Recognizing the Call

Recognizing the CallDuring the first period of the Leafs game tonight, I let James play with my Freeplay Ranger. My Freeplay Ranger is a radio I carry around the house and James enjoys sitting with it and tuning in different stations. He gets awfully excited when pulls in a new station and he starts banging his head and dancing to a particularly upbeat rock song.

At one point he switched from FM to AM and brought in the Leaf game. After hearing Joe Bowen call the game for approximately six seconds he got a huge smile on his face and looked at me to exclaim "Hockey Daddy! Hockey!".

I knew he's been able to identify hockey on television by the visual for many months now, but I had no idea he's be able to identify it so quickly on the radio. All I know is at that moment I was a very proud papa.

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