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Pot HousePolice recently uncovered Canada's largest indoor marijuana factory in the old Molson brewery in Barrie. The more I read about this story, the more impressed I become.

This wasn't a couple of dudes growing pot to make a few bucks. This was an extremely sophisticated operation. 30,000 plants were discovered within the 5,400-square metre complex. The cutting-edge technology to make this possible required electrical engineers and heating duct specialists, according to Barrie City Police Chief Wayne Frechette. The factory operated around the clock and was capable of producing $100-million worth of marijuana annually. It was also capable of housing as many as 50 people at once. This was a serious business.

Sure, it's illegal, but you've got to respect the organization and effort that went into this crime. When I think of illegal marijuana grow operations, I think of a guy with a mullet and hydroponic lamps and about 10 plants. This recent bust in Barrie is very impressive. As I see it, the factory had but one flaw. It was discovered.

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