NetiquetteIf I send you an email, I expect a reply. Even if it's just an "OK", "Cool" or "Thanks", I need that follow-up correspondence. I consider it decent cyber citizenship. I rarely get this courtesy from others for some reason.

If I get an email, I make sure to reply promptly. Without a reply, how can one really know the message was received? With all the spam we're getting these days, it's entirely possible good email is getting deleted by mistake. Without a reply I never really know the message was received and read. The only exception to this rule is when I see I'm on some joke distribution list. I don't feel a need to reply to such a message nor would I expect a reply if I were to forward a particularly funny joke.

Since adding this blog to over a year ago, I find myself sending less and less email. If I have something to share, I typically add it to my site whether it be new pictures, videos or an interesting piece of information I've come across. When I do have a question or something to share that isn't fit for public consumption, I use email and expect a reply as confirmation of receipt. Am I the only one who thinks not responding in any way is rude?

There, I feel much better now. Somebody who shall remain nameless hasn't replied to the Optimus Prime email I sent him last week, thus prompting this rant. Hey nameless, did you get it or not? Reply to my damn emails, will ya?

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