MystikalReading about Mystikal's six year jail sentence for sexual battery, I started thinking about the one song I listen to from Mystikal. I'm referring to "Shake Ya Ass", and it's what I would call a guilty pleasure.

Every once in a while I really dig a tune that I'm sure I'm not supposed to enjoy as much as I do. "Shake Ya Ass" is such a song. I found the uncensored version creeping into the mixes I make. It started getting car play during which I would always jack the volume. I was a true fan of the tune.

Mystikal's "Shake Ya Ass" was covered by lounge singer Richard Cheese, another guilty pleasure of mine. Richard Cheese covers my kind of tunes in a cheesy lounge style. My favourite Richard Cheese covers are "Chop Suey", "Down With the Sickness", "Last Resort" and "Guerilla Radio". I don't know why, but I love hearing killer modern rock tracks sung and broken down lounge style and Richard Cheese is the king.

I have more guilty pleasures when it comes to tunage, but I'll just share these for now.

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