Maple Leafs 2, Islanders 0

Go Leafs Go!It's a completely different perspective watching a game live in person as opposed to checking it out on the television. You can watch plays develop and anticipate maneuvers when you can see the entire ice surface at all times. Hockey is truly a wonderful game.

From where I was sitting, one line was providing all the offense. Mats Sundin, Gary Roberts and Mikael Renberg played an exceptional game, scoring the only two goals. Eddie Belfour stood tall when called upon to record his 70th career shutout.

Another thing I noticed from my seat at the ACC is the number of high sticks. A few guys dropped to the ice after taking a stick blade to the face. Six of the nine penalties called on this night were for high sticking and the worst of the bunch, inflicted upon Darcy Tucker, received no penalty at all. Tucker went ballistic. Should players be wearing visors? I believe so. Should penalties for high sticking be more severe? Definitely. What will it take for changes of this nature to be implemented? I'm afraid someone's going to have to lose an eye.

Current Record  Last Game Season Leaders
61 points
2-0 Win vs. New York Islanders M. Sundin - 45
G. Roberts - 30
O. Nolan - 28

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