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It feels horrible to be a T.O sports fan right now, and although things change fast, let's look at the situation. Leafs are looking a lot more like the team we began the season off with. They are old, they are injury prone, and it is showing!!! The Raps are barely a team without Vince, and I'm pretty sure Mike could stay healthy longer in the nba than Vince can!! Even with Vince, we are barely a playoff team. The Jays have not done anything to make me believe they are doing anything special for us this upcoming spring.... although we are in the east playing with NY and Boston, so it really matters not.

I'm waking up and finding myself staying away from the sports section, flicking it quickly past TSN and THE SCORE on the tube, and for the first time in a while, is getting more hits than

I'm disgruntled and pissed and all those things that I feel I have the right to be as a die hard Toronto sports fan all my life.

On the positive side, James' Birthday party rocked on Sunday!!! He's good, the Leafs are not.


No doubt things look rough right now. The Leafs have certainly been underperforming when facing the likes of Philadelphia, Ottawa and New Jersey. It hurts to see Vince out of the Raptors line-up too. As for the Jays, you're absolutely right. They're already third.

Keep your chin up bro. A three game winning streak by the Leafs and we'll be back to planning the parade route down Yonge Street. We'll be so busy planning the Stanley Cup celebration we won't have a moment to get down about the Raptors or Blue Jays. It's all about distraction.

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