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Guest Blog SubmissionAnyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to I received the following submission earlier today.

My grandson has been hospitalized for the past few days with pneumonia, a life-threatening disease if not treated properly. He had been very sick but doctors misdiagnosed it and thought he had a virus. As he deteriorated to the point where he slept 24 hrs except when receiving liquids it became evident that he would have to go to hospital on New Year's Eve. His progress is slow but he continues to improve. It is difficult to watch him breathing and seeing him hooked up to many gadgets to assess his condition minute to minute. Oxygen has been the main worry because with his lungs having been blocked so much when entering the hospital, the oxygen that goes through our mainstream without our thinking about it is blocked for him. He is not receiving enough oxygen yet for the doctors to feel that he can safely return home. I can honestly question why anyone would destroy the oxygen they are lucky to have naturally with such a serious substance as cigarettes that they pay great amounts of money to receive. There are things in our environment that are difficult to change with the growing metropolis and all that goes with that. But people, for heaven's sake, take a good look at those tobacco sticks that you inhale so fiercely and think about not only yourselves but others around you. The government is never going to illegalize such a horrific act as it is a gold mine for them in taxes, so it is your fight for every breath with a government that profits daily from your mistakes. For my grandson, sweet baby James, think about what you are doing, but most of all for yourself. Quit smoking before it's too late. It will only cause you and your loved ones pain down the road.

     Grandma Mary

Mom, it's about time you wrote a Guest Blog Entry. Taryn and I don't smoke and my home is definitely a non-smoking household because I know the damage inhaling cigarette smoke can cause. I agree and appreciate your sentiment. When you see someone you love struggling for oxygen you have to stop and wonder why others willingly pollute this vital act by smoking. Of course, nicotine is addictive, and there's no doubt it can be extremely difficult to quit something you're hooked on chemically. There is help for those who need it, but most of all one requires a desire to quit and the will to endure some tough weeks ahead.

I know you're concerned about your grandson, so I think this is a good time for a brief James update. He's still in the hospital, and he'll most likely be there for a few more days. He had a very bad bout of pneumonia, and the doctors believe this is due to underlying undiagnosed asthma. Essentially, we're still waiting for the antibiotics to reduce the liquid on his little lungs so he can get enough oxygen. It's not good, but it could be worse. He has made quite a bit of progress and we expect him to be fully recovered within the week. Once home, he will be treated as if he has asthma with a puffer he'll take twice daily.

I'll be going back to him in a little while for the night as we've got a Leafs game to watch. Slowly but surely the energetic, talkative 23 month old is returning and it's a great sight to see. The worst is behind us. Go Leafs Go!

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