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File SharingReaders of this site know I try to keep abreast of the ongoing battle between the music industry and file sharers. I'll be posting significant developments as they arise both here in Canada or in the United States.

I just read Kate Taylor's article in Saturday's Globe & Mail. I agree with her that the legality or illegality of it all is so wishy-washy it's virtually impossible for a Canadian to know what's a violation of copyright law and what's not. There were significant victories for downloaders in Canada and the U.S. yet still a promise from the CRIA to file lawsuits. Kate Taylor sums up the current status below.

CRIA has specifically stated, however, that it will not sue mere downloaders. Although CRIA argues the practice is illegal, when you download a music file from the Net, you could be considered to be making a single copy for personal use, which is permitted under copyright law. When you upload, that is when you allow other users to copy your copy, you are on much shakier legal ground because you are distributing the music. And it is the users with thousands of music files sitting on their computers and available for sharing who are the industry's target for lawsuits.

In 2004, there should be more concrete developments in this arena so stay tuned.

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