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EmailI get some interesting messages via my Contact Mike form. This is the form you can contact me with if you don't want your message published on this site. When you want to write a Guest Blog and have it appear here, you go to Guest Blog.

I just received a message from someone which I'm reprinting below. The author of this message requested I write her back, but failed to supply me with her email address. I only receive the text submitted in the form via a perl script and therefore have no way to know your email address unless you add this information.

who are you. how old are you do you know Mike Weir my name is Wendy wright back

Wendy, I would have written you back, but because I don't have your email address I'll answer your three questions here.

  • Who am I? I'm Mike Boon from Toronto.
  • Do I know Mike Weir? I know of him. We've never spoken directly. I don't think he's heard of me.
  • How old am I? I'm 29.

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