Digitalization Update

DigitalizationLast week I wrote about my efforts to digitalize my entire CD collection. Here's your update on the status of this project.

It consumed hours and hours of my week, but I managed to rip every CD I care about into 128kbps MP3s. Once I finished ripping the CDs I enjoy, I went through the remainder of my collection ripping the songs I enjoy. There were many late nights, but I have successfully converted my collection to 11 GBs of MP3s. Just last night I backed up these 11 GBs onto 15 CDs, just in case.

My next step is getting a second hard drive that will be used strictly for storing multimedia files. My 11 GBs of music will only grow, and I'm already pretty much out of room. Perhaps I'll save any money I get this Christmas and put it towards a 120 GB hard drive for this purpose.

So, the hard part is done. I only wonder why I didn't do this sooner. When I'm sitting at my PC, I have every song I've ever cared about at my fingertips. I think of a song, and two seconds later I'm hearing it. We're not just talking about a track from Nirvana's "Nevermind" or something else I always have close by, but the more obscure Mike specials like Paris' "The Devil Made Me Do It", Public Enemy's "Welcome to the Terrordome" X-Games remix or Hayden's "Take". Everything is organized within my music folder with a directory for each artist and within the directory a folder for each CD by that artist. Almost 30 years of love for music compressed into 11 GBs. Who says love of music is immeasurable?

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