The Boone DNA Project

The Boone DNA ProjectI was recently contacted by a fellow named Dan Boone regarding The Boone DNA Project. The goal of The Boone DNA Project is to build a database that will indicate what members of the Boon/e lines are related and possibly determine the approximate time they began to branch away. This is done via Y-line DNA testing. Y-DNA is passed from father to son only, from generation to generation with little or no change and can be used to prove or disprove lineage back to a most recent common ancestor, when compared to another "paper genealogy cousin".

As a male Boon, they want to analyze my DNA to add the findings to their chart. As Dan wrote during our correspondence, "The Boon/e line did own property in Ireland as well as England. Their was a Boon/e son that we have not traced yet. We think his name was John and born about 1836. The loyalist from the New York area also moved to Canada . Does any of this sound familar? The project is trying to fill the gap from about 1400 to 1700 when records did get kept very well."

As cool as The Boone DNA Project sounds, and as intrigued as I am by Y-line DNA testing, I doubt I'll participate because of the $99 fee associated with the DNA test. Since The Boone DNA Project and DNA testing company are in the USA, you know they're going to want 99 greenbacks instead of my funny money. If someone wants my DNA, they're going to have to pay for it.

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