Pearson Pissed

Pearson PissedThere's a site by the name of that posts pictures of urinals from around the world. Apparently, there's demand for this kind of detail. They've even been profiled in Maxim magazine.

A recent addition to this vast collection of urinals was those from our very own airport, Toronto Lester B. Pearson International Airport. Here's the pictures, if you're curious. Well, the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) didn't get the joke. They've sent an email threatening legal action against the site if they did not remove the name of our airport from

What the GTTA has failed to take into account is the ever growing power of the blogging community. An overreaction of this nature can spread through geekdom like sh*t through a goose. By now, I'm certain hundreds of people have grabbed the offending images from to post on their own blogs. Had the GTTA simply ignored this, few would have noticed and even less would have cared.

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