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New VideosThe month almost slipped by without a single new video of James. That borders on child abuse, doesn't it? No worries though, because I found some time today to pick up the video camera and take some footage while the calendar still reads November. You'll find three new clips of the boy wonder in Videos.

Speaking of the little prince, he's begun to assert his independence. I believe this is what the books refer to as the terrible twos. I'm starting to hear phrases like "no daddy" on a regular basis. James seems almost surprised to hear that not everything is his. "Mine, daddy" he'll tell me, and then act shocked when I remind him that the keys/converter/steak knife/camera/wallet is actually mine. As I told him this morning, this is not a democracy. This is a dictatorship and my word is law. Cookies are not for breakfast (except for the odd time when mommy isn't looking).

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