Joker? Smoker? Midnight Toker?

Cannabis"Duuuuuude, got some bud for me?" That's exactly the type of greeting I'd expect these days from someone on the street. Catch me at the right moment, and you'd swear I had just danced with Mary Jane. It's 4:20 all the time and I've clearly gone to pot, right?

Nah. I seem to be susceptible to dry, irritated eyes at this time of year. The moisture-less air wreaks havoc on my baby blues and gives me a Spicoli gaze. No ganja for me unfortunately, just the red-eyed appearance of such.

When it's really bad, I sometimes think I should wear a tee shirt that states "Currently Sober". Prior to early morning meetings at work, I should volunteer to walk a straight line while touching my nose with my left index finger. I consider it a preemptive strike before I'm requested to donate daily urine samples.

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