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After reading several articles on the Anaheim signing of Kelvim Escobar, I am astonished by how much great press this guy receives. Is this the same pitcher who allowed 121 hits in 98 innings on artificial turf, with a 5.51 ERA? Is it just me or are these numbers below average!! I personally witnessed Escobar pitch this summer and I think even I could have hit those beach balls. Escobar, like most of the other Jays, seems to put up numbers when nothing matters. I wanted to see Escobar step up and prove his "Clemens-like" stuff when the Jays were making a move in the standings. Instead, I witnessed inconsistent pitching from a man who, in this old-timers opinion, isn't worth the nearly $7 million a season he has been given. I was still debating the $5 million "low-ball" offer. Unless Escobar performs the Loaiza special, I have a feeling Anaheim fans will share some of my headaches. So, good riddance Escobar. You will not be missed by this frustrated Jays fan.


Steve, I agree with you 100%. I was sitting beside you at SkyDome when you watched Kelvim Escobar serve up those fat pitches to hungry Yankee batters. It's been a while since a free agent was as overrated as this. I'll go into 2004 with Ted Lilly and Pat Hentgen over Escobar any time.

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