David Miller For Mayor

CN TowerWe Torontonians vote in our municipal election tomorrow. Just in case this fact slipped my mind, a nice lady from the David Miller camp just called to let me know the polls will be busy so I should get there as early as possible. I told her I planned to vote three or four times for Miller to which she just chuckled and said they'd be happy with the single vote.

I've watched the main candidates debate for weeks and weeks now. After much thought and deliberation, I'm casting my vote for Miller. John Tory has a fine resume and is a more than competent manager but he lacks the integrity of Miller. He seems a little too smooth in a similar vein to former Premier Ernie Eves. Miller is a former Bay street lawyer, so he's got that area covered, but he also has a genuine vision for our city and seems to be a rather trustworthy soul. Most important of all, I believe Miller will be best able to work with city council while working with the Provincial and Federal governments. As Mayor of Toronto, your actual power is rather limited considering the $6.4 billion operating budget and importance to the nation's economy. This $6.4 billion operating budget is larger than many provinces and Toronto's economy accounts for 20% of Canada's economy. Toronto is the life blood of Canada. It's time for a new deal and Paul Martin agrees.

As the economic capital of Canada, Toronto is in need of strong leadership. Folowing six years of Mel Lastman's goofball reign either Miller or Tory will be a welcome relief. I'm looking forward to having a leader who won't embarass our great city on the international scene. With David Miller as Mayor, we'll have peace of mind knowing an intelligent person with a worthwhile vision is doing his very best for the greatest city on the planet.

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