Makin' ChangesApparently, if a page is not part of the navigation menu on the left, it doesn't get visited. Nobody visits the Sitemap to learn that other pages exist. Out of sight, out of mind I suppose.

As a result, I just added a couple of pages to the navigation menu. You'll now find links for Guest Blog and HyperLists. I launched Guest Blog about a week ago while my HyperLists page has been around since I first launched over four years ago. Guest Blog is a submission form where anyone can write anything and have it posted here. HyperLists is where I maintain my Top 10/5 lists with hyperlinks to a quality site on the subject.

I also eliminated the "Valid XHTML 1.0" reference on each page because I felt it was too geeky. I've buried that link in Links where it belongs.

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