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NewspapersI've had The Toronto Star delivered to my home for as long as I can remember. Of the four Toronto dailies, it's always been my preference. I've tried the Toronto Sun , The National Post and The Globe and Mail, but none offer that desired balance of news, sports, entertainment and insight I find I get with The Star. There is a reason it has a healthy lead in the Toronto newspaper war.

Earlier this year, I let my subscription for the Star run out. I no longer get a newspaper delivered to my door. It's a dying medium that no longer receives a slice of my hard earned dollar. The newspaper as a communications tool is no longer relevant and has been supplanted by the Internet. I have immediate access to current news all day long at my PC. With excellent news services like Google News, I have access to different newspapers and news radio and television stations all across Canada and around the world. Why would I want to get home from work only to read news that's already a day old? Besides, I still read the majority of articles printed in the Star online and even receive their free morning email newsletter with the top headlines from each section. The Internet is a far superior tool for accessing news. I suspect the newspaper industry will continue to lose readers each year as more and more people follow my lead and turn to the web for their information.

We want instant access to a vast number of news sources and we want this news to be fresh and available on demand. Only one medium offers this capability and you're using it right now. What will we line our bird cages with in 2010?

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