Long Distance Rates in Canada

Long Distance Rates in CanadaI have a beef with long distance providers in Canada. Our household makes only a few long distance calls each month, all within Canada. We were on a plan with a small telecommunications re-seller, paying 7¢ a minute for these calls no matter when the call was placed. This was perfect for us, as we only paid for what we used. Our long distance bill was often as low as $4 a month.

One day out of the blue, we received a letter indicating that we would be paying a $2.95 monthly network fee in addition to the per-minute fee. This hardly seems far, does it? Why would we have to pay this $2.95 monthly network fee in addition to our regular rates? Even if we place no long distance calls in a given month, we would still be charged $2.95.

Unhappy with what I perceive to be a hidden cash grab, I began to look elsewhere. Primus seemed to have what I was looking for. Their "Dime Anytime" plan promised "10¢ per minute anytime to anywhere in Canada" with "No monthly fees". You can see for yourself. A month passed and my first Primus bill arrived in my inbox and what did I see tucked in amidst the calling details? A $2.95 monthly network fee. Apparently, Primus doesn't regard such a charge as a monthly fee. It's a network fee, as if that's somehow different. They'll call it marketing. I call it intentional deception.

I've checked with every long distance provider I could find, and every single one of them is charging this bogus $2.95 fee. Furthermore, most plans have an additional monthly fee in exchange for lower per minute rates. I'm now on the First Rate 24 plan with Bell that is 7¢ a minute anywhere within North America at any time. They've promised to waive the $4.95 monthly fee for at least 12 months, but they refuse to waive the $2.95 monthly network fee. I just don't get it...

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You shuuld check out YapOn. I am now using YapOn for all my long distance calling. I use it on my cellular as well as my landline. Not only is it a reliable, high quality phone service, it is really easy to use and saving me a LOT on money! I can even call my friends and relatives who are overseas with my cell phone for pennies. There are no connection fees, hidden OR monthly fees, I get everything I pay for! And without having to change my cell phone provider or rate plan!
No monthly fees, and very low rates!...i bet you will speand less than $4 a month for a few calls in canada.

April 23, 2008 @ 2:45 PM


never use worldplus they are either a scam or a rip off

June 1, 2009 @ 2:21 PM

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