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SARS IIThe morning paper tells me there are four new cases of SARS in Toronto. Like a cheesy sequel to a bad movie franchise, SARS returns.

So let me get this straight. SARS is back, the West Nile virus will be here all summer and Mad Cow disease is coming to a hamburger near me. One more funky disease in the GTA and I'm entering my plastic bubble and not coming out until the Stanley Cup parade marches down Yonge Street.

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Thanks Vicky

Victoria DayHere in Canada, Monday is Victoria Day. This holiday is in celebration of Queen Victoria's Birthday.

Hold on just a moment. We get a holiday devoted to some Queen of Britain who's been dead for over a hundred years? Surely we can do better than that. Where is our Canadian pride?

I suggest we re-brand Monday's holiday Terry Fox day, or Wayne Gretzky day or John Candy day or even Don Cherry Day.

We are no longer Britain's bitch. It's time we stop acting like it. Just don't call me early on Monday morning. I'm celebrating the Sovereign's birthday.

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'93 Jays

Go Jays Go!Where are our '93 Jays now? Only the following few remain in the majors...

Roberto Alomar - Starting 2nd Baseman for the New York Mets
Woody Williams - Starting pitcher for St. Louis
Mike Timlin - Relief pitcher for Boston
Al Leiter - Starting pitcher for the New York Mets
Pat Hentgen - Relief pitcher for Baltimore
Pat Borders - Backup catcher in Seattle
John Olerud - Starting 1st Baseman in Seattle
Shawn Green - Starting outfielder in Los Angeles
Carlos Delgado - Starting 1st Baseman in Toronto (leading the AL in RBI's too!)

Keep in mind, Shawn Green and Carlos Delgado did not appear in the playoffs for Toronto. They were just getting their feet wet back in '93.

It's only a matter of time before the Jays lure Tony Fernandez out of retirement, so I'll update this list then...

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My Imitators

Web CSSOne of the cool things about the web is that it's open source. I mean, you can view the source coding of every html page you come across. utilizes a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) to dictate the aesthetics. That cool menu navigation to the left is driven by the CSS I wrote. Cool, eh?

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I agree. A few people in my little circle have been kind enough to flatter me in this manner. A buddy of mine who maintains a very cool Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm page copied my CSS and made a few minor adjustments to suit his needs. A couple of guys I work with did the same thing. It's all long as they post a link to my site, of course.

Check out the imitators here, here, here, here and here. Flattery will get you everywhere...

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Nirvana"I'm never alone, I'm alone all the time."

Recognize the reference? It's from Bush's "Glycerine" on Sixteen Stone.

It's either the most profound writing of the 20th century or the silliest garble to come out of a Brit's mouth since Davy Jones remarked "Your eyes are like cupcakes floating in a sea of sour cream."

Personally, I dig it. Bush got it right this time. There's certainly a unique solitude when surrounded by a group of people. Heck, I sometimes feel my lonliest in a crowd.

I'm sure Gavin Rossdale just thought it sounded cool. Isn't this the same guy who's threatening to fly to Los Angeles to find his non-existent brother. What a dork. Sixteen Stone is still a good CD though. Thank God for Nirvana...

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